Name: Jessie Rasberry
Job: Actress (retired), procuring specialist for Avalanche (current)
Weapon: guns & explosives
Voice Actor: Satomi Moriya (JP) & Erica Lindbeck (ENG)

Jessie is a non-playable character part of the anti-ShinRa group known as Avalanche. She specializes in obtaining various materials to create items or weapons for job-specific missions. She is often paired with Biggs and Wedge and they seem to have a closer dynamic amongst one another. Jessie is spunky and loves to tease, especially to Cloud.

During the Mako Reactor 1 mission, Jessie handed Cloud a bomb she created to place onto the reactor---intending to destroy it completely. After she and Avalanche flee from the scene, unbeknown to them, President ShinRa ordered for the reactor's self-destruct button to be activated, causing the destruction to go beyond having just the reactor destroyed. Nearby residential buildings were all but destroyed, engulfed in giant flames. ShinRa's intention was to pit the blame of the casualties onto Avalanche.

After seeing the destruction of what she thought was the cause of her bomb, Jessie felt guilty that her creation caused such a tragedy. She blamed herself that many people died as a result of the explosion. In reality, this is exactly what President ShinRa wanted.

In the Remake, Jessie's past is fleshed out and we get to learn more about her. Prior to joining Avalanche, she moved from Midgar to Gold Saucer in hopes to become an actress. After many years of hard work and help along the way, Jessie lands a leading role to play a Princess in a play. She invited her parents and sent a letter with two tickets for them to come watch her. Jessie actually never got to play this Princess role. We don't get to hear Jessie say much about her past herself and actually hear it Biggs and Wedge.

Shortly after landing the Princess leading role, her father Rowan, who worked for ShinRa in a Mako storage, collapsed due to over exhaustion. Half a day went by before Rowan was discovered and so he fell ill due to mako poisoning. This event led Jessie to abandon her dream, including the Princess role, to learn and study more about planetology. She ends up discovering about Avalanche and joined their cause since.

Though Jessie moves back to Midgar, she puts on a charade to her mom that she is still working in Gold Saucer and rarely visit her parents. The truth is that she does not want her mom to know she is part of Avalanche.

ShinRa's plan to kill Avalanche was to destroy the pillar that supports the plate overseeing Sector 7 below where Avalanche's home base 7th Heaventh is stationed. ShinRa intended to kill every last one of Avalanche even if it means to kill thousands of innocent people who live in the sector. Along with various Avalanche members, Barret, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie defend the pillar. Cloud eventually makes his way up the pillar and discover Jessie, holding onto the last remaining strength she has.

Before Jessie dies, she expressed the guilt of the victims she took from the bomb she built one last time. She teases Cloud once more and with her last breath, she utters to Cloud that it's not polite to stare.

It is still too early to know what direciton Final Fantasy 7 Remake is heading. What we do know is that an alternate universe or parallel world has opened. There are theories that Jessie may not have died or in an alternate universe, she is alive. We will see in FF7R part two!


The fanlisting launched on June 8th, 2020.
I love that Jessie's past is explored on and it gives depth and meaning to her cause of joining Avalanche. I'll be honest and say I don't care too much about the amount of thirst she has towards Cloud in the remake, but it is a bit entertaining.

The fanlisting title "This is our punishment" are Jessie's dying words in the original PS1 classic version of Final Fantasy VII. It's a tragedy that she will never know it was not her bomb that cause all those lives to be taken away. But that guilt will stay with her even to the end.


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