Name: Aymeric de Borel
Job: Gladiator
Voice Actor: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (JP), Blake Ritson (ENG), Sylvain Agaesse (FR), Tino kie├čling (GER)

Aymeric de Borel is a character from the popular Final Fantasy XIV game. He is Lord Commander of the Temple Knights and the elected Speaker of the House of Lords. Aymeric is often described as pragmatic and humble despite of his higher position within Ishgardian society.


The fanlisting launched on Month Day, 2021.

The fanlisting title "For the Sky" is a soundtrack title in the Heavensward expansion. I felt it was fitting for Aymeric who continually wishes for a more unify and collaborative future for Ishgard.

With most of the FFXIV characters, it took me a while to warm up to them. Aymeric was no different, but his constant fight for the greater good of Ishgard and unifying the nation eventually won me over. He is definitely one of my top favorites. Plus, he has a stupid handsome face and deep voice that has soften my heart.


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