Name: Zack Fair
Weapon: Sword
Voice Actor: Kenichi Suzumura (JP) and Rick Gomez (ENG)

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The fanlisting launched on December 14, 2019.

Before Crisis Core came out, we didn't know much of Zack because there was no further information about him. We know that he was in SOLDIER with Cloud and that the two escaped Hojo's experiments in Nibelheim. We also know that he was in a relationship with Aerith.

Back when I first played Final Fantasy VII in 2003, I had an interest in Zack exactly because of how small, yet important, his presence was in the game. The idea and feeling of not knowing too much of his character intrigued me.

I would never imagine that Zack would get his own game and backstory to the world of FFVII, yet years later, here we are.

The fanlisting name "Flightless" is inspired by events in Crisis Core. Zack's initial thoughts on SOLDIER with wings was that they were "monsters". He later comes to term the wings symbolize freedom and liberation, reoccurring themes and sentiments throughout Crisis Core. Eventually he tells himself that he wants those wings too.


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