The fanlisting and tribute launched on June 24, 2020.

Thanks to the amazing Jackie for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting!

Laguna and Raine is one of my favorite fictional pairing of all time. I love the combination of Raine's down to earth personality with Laguna's silliness. It makes me sad thinking about what they went through. Though the ending FMV proposal scene is suppose to serve as a happy reminder of what they had, it just makes me tear up remembering Raine's eventual death and the separation Ellone, Squall, and Laguna over 10+ years.

With that said though, the ending does leave a hopeful note.


The layout and codings were done in Notepad++. Graphic designs were done in Photoshop CS6. Laguna, Raine, and Final Fantasy VIII belongs to Square-Enix. Additional credits:

- Shotgunnova for the videogame script used in the "about" section.
- Final Fantasy Dream for the Winhill texture rips.
- Final Fantasy Omega Nebula for the official artwork.
- 77words for floral patterns.
- UneekResources for filmstrip.
- Enthusiast [Robotess Fork] for fanlisting script

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