Name: Chihiro Ogino (real world), Sen (spirit world)
Job: student (real world), bathhouse worker (spirit world)
Voice Actor: Rumi Hiiragi (JP) & Daveigh Chase (ENG)

Moving into a new town can be scary or exciting or both. But for ten year old Chihiro, it's mostly annoying. On her way to the new city with her parents, an annoyed Chihiro makes little to no conversations with them. They take a short break and stop by a large abandon train station. While exploring this location, her parents encounter booths full of delicious foods and eventually they are all swept away into a spiritual world.

Chihiro's parents are transform into pigs and rising shadowy figures makes her run away. She finds herself by an elaborate beautifully-lit bathhouse and quickly becomes acquainted with a friendly boy name Haku.

In exchange for working at the bathhouse, Chihiro gets her name taken away by Yubaba, an evil witch who runs the bathhouse. Yubaba gives her a new name, "Sen". This method causes the human, animal, or thing to lose their former memories as they adapt into the spiritual world.

As Sen navigates life in this spiritual world, she faces numerous troubling situations and fears, both of which she has to quickly find ways and challenge herself to overcome. These events causes her to mentally grow and quickly learn from--- compare to the ten year old girl at the beginning who was annoyed and whining about moving into a new town.

With the help of the new friends she made in the spiritual world, Sen is able to recall her real name and eventually help Haku regain his real name and his former memories from the human world. Chihiro is also able to help her parents from turning into pigs forever and safely make her way back into the human world.

Now back into the human world, with the new gain knowledge and growing up she went through in the spiritual world, she lets her father know that moving into a new town may not be so scary after all.


The fanlisting launched on May 4, 2020.
Thanks to the amazing Mal for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting. I saw "Spirited Away" when I was a kid way back then and was really admire by how brave Chihiro is throughout the movie. Even when things got really difficult and she felt all alone, she was still able to muster up the courage to overcome these circumstances.

The fanlisting title "FORGET-ME-NOT" is base off of the flower which I felt was fitting for Chihiro. Once you are transported into the spiritual world, you can easily forget your former memories. But a brave girl like Chihiro was able to retain hers and also help Haku to regain his memories.


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