every day it gets a little easier. but you gotta do it every
day —that’s the hard part

Back in the 90s, Bojack was the leading star of a very famous TV show titled "Horsin' Around". As quickly as his fame started, it quickly faded when the show ended. The beginning of the series starts off with Bojack trying to return to the Hollywoo[d] spotlight by having a memoir about him.

We are introduced to Diane, Princess Carolyn, Todd, and Mr. Peanutbutter whose lives become intertwine not only amongst eachother but closely with Bojack's. The story covers loss, depression, friendship, and self-love. It is light and comical but also heavy and emotional with these themes.

The fanlisting launched on March 17, 2020.
Bojack Horseman easily is one of my favorite animated show to ever exist. It is ironically more human than it appears and the depths of the characters are some of the most complex. The character dialogues are amazing and I can see myself quoting them for the rest of my life, hah.