Name: Tseng
Job: Leader of the Turks
Weapon: Gun
Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe (JP) and Ryun Yu (ENG)

His formal title within Shin-Ra is "Commander of the Investigative Sector of the Department of General Affairs", or to put it simply, the leader of the Turks. Not much is known about Tseng. Not only does his position within Shin-Ra veil his personal information, but also Square-Enix has never revealed further information on Tseng. We get very little additional look into his personality through the side Final Fantasy VII games, Before Crisis and Crisis Core.

Tseng is a man of few words. Discipline and orderly, he follows the rules and duties that are given to him closely. Rare to deviate from his tasks, there are a few notable occasions that this stern exterior cracks. First, sending Rude, Reno, and Cissnei to retrieve Zack and Cloud before Shin-Ra infantrymen kills them. Second, allowing Aerith to live on her own free will instead of capturing her right away. Third, handing the Keystone to Cloud.
Subtly shown, Tseng harbors romantic feelings towards Aerith.


The fanlisting launched in March 17, 2019.
Tseng is my favorite Turks member and so owning the approved fanlisting for him is a dream come true. Not much is known about the man, but that mystery is an open invitation to fan theories and fanfiction and I honestly love reading them.

The fanlisting is name "still alive", because Tseng was thought to have died in the Temple of Ancients in Final Fantasy VII. He didn't. Then in Advent Children, he got badly injured by Kadaj's group and was thought to have died yet again. In truth, Vincent nurtured him and Elena. They later join Reno, Rude, and Rufus towards the end of the Bahamut fight and... this man does not die!

Tseng utters, "I am...... still alive..." in the Temple of Ancients, which is how this fanlisting title came to be.


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