Name: Ignis Scientia
Job: Adviser to Noctis & Crownsguard
Weapon: Daggers
Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano (JP) & Adam Croasdell (ENG)

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The fanlisting launched on December 14, 2019.

The name for this fanlisting "DEATH COMES FIRST" is a lyrical portion from the FFXV soundtrack "Apocalypsis Noctis". Originally in Latin, the English translation is credited to u/omnialexmusic on Reddit. Protecting Noctis is his life and duty and I felt the lyrics related to Ignis immensely especially shown in the FFXV DLC, Episode Ignis. So much that he chose to wear the Ring of the Lucii to face off against Ardyn. To wear the Ring of the Lucii means to lose one's life. Ignis was willing to put death before his own life to protect Noctis.


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