Final Fantasy X takes place in the world of Spira. For thousands of years, a terrorizing monster called Sin, spawns every ten years. Sin is the cause of mankind's greed and power and for producing weapons of mass-destruction. The monster destroys everything and anything in its sight. In order to defeat Sin, Summoners accompanied by their Guardians, depart in long pilgrimages to obtain the power of Aeons. These Aeons are attained through temples scattered around Spira. Towards the end of a pilgrimage, the Summoner can obtain the Final Aeon in the ruins of Zanarkand.

Once Sin is defeated, a period of peace known as the Calm ensues. This period of peace lasts for ten years before the next Sin is spawned. And the cycle of a pilgrimage continues on...

Main Characters

Tidus Yuna Auron Lulu
Wakka Kimahri Rikku


The fanlisting launched on May 5th, 2019.
Final Fantasy X was my first Final Fantasy game. I played it as a kid back in the summer of 2002, so I hold this game very dear to my heart. The fanalisting title is based off of the eternal Calm that the cast members achieved.


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